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Yoga Schedules

Yoga Schedules

All classes are available for online booking in the live yoga schedules below. Click on teacher and class names for more information. Pricing: classes $15 Drop-in or $65/5 Class Card$125/10 Class Card.  We also now have Monthly Unlimited Yoga for $140 with no contract, Unlimited 6 Months or 12 months autopay contracts. Workshop Prices Vary. For more info use our contact page or call 941-713-1637    Schedules are live – please check them regularly.

All classes are taught by certified registered yoga teachers that are trained to consider your level and provide advise on modifications and adjustments to poses that may be more suitable. Our classes frequently include head massage with essential oils whenever there is a massage therapist on duty.


Yoga teaches us the practice of self- study called Svadhyaya or self reflection, creating a positive environment in which we can grow.  By becoming a witness and taking a non judge mental approach towards ourselves we can assess where we are mentally, emotionally and physically at any given time. Below are links to our ongoing blog posts about yoga practice, such as how to choose a teacher that is right for you, how to fit yoga into your daily schedule and other subjects related to finding balance and calm through yoga.

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