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CEU Courses

Welcome to our Workshop and CEU Courses Program

Kathleen Gallen is the workshop leader for the CEU courses program held at our Spa and Yoga Studio in Bradenton, and elsewhere around Florida.  These currently focus on Introduction to Thai Massage, Self Care and Reiki Levels 1 and 2. Kathleen is a certified yoga instructor, licensed massage therapist and trained posture instructor.  She studied at the Sunshine Network School in a Lahu Village north of Chang Mai Thailand, and finished her Thai studies along with Shiatsu as a work scholar at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. Kathleen instructs and guides students through our CEU courses with insight, humor, her own personal experience of injury, pain, recovery and self discovery.  If you have any questions about the CEU programs please call Kathleen on 941-713-1637.

CEUs for Massage therpists at Gallen Massage.com


CEU: Reiki Level 1 – 6 CEU’s Florida and National Boards

About the Instructor

Nicole Stafford Reiki MasterNicole Stafford is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master with a specialism in Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular Massage.

As well as being a Reiki Master, Nicole has a batchelor of Science in Microbiology from USF and also graduated from the Sarasota School of Massage Therapy.  Addtionally she has years of study in Physical Therapy that provides her with a great knowledge of anatomy. Nicole provides Reiki sessions as well as Reiki training courses (CEU compatible)  for those wishing to become Reiki practicioners.

This CEU course will cover Reiki Level 1 techniques to use both as a certified stand alone Reiki practioner and as a massage therapist.

Intended Benefits

This CEU Course will enable Students to understand and implement a basic level 1 Reiki practice for clients.

Reiki Level 1 – Live Hands On Course Overview
  • Students will learn Reiki Level 1 in a Live Class with hands on learning. This will cover what Reiki is, where it originated and its history and how it works including: energy makeup, chakras, TCM channels and meridians, Reiki principles, techniques and methods of use, the attunement process and hands on practice.

Course Outline

(Full details are available as Attachment or Course Booklet)

Start Time 10am – Lunch 1-1:45pm, ends at 4.45pm.

  • Lesson 1: 1st hr Energy: What is Reiki? How Reiki Works.
  • Lesson 2 History 2nd hr Originated by Dr Mikao Usui 1st Grand Master Dr Hujiro Hayashi 2nd Grand Master Madam Hawayo Takata 3rd Grand Master Phyllis Lei Furimoto 4th Grand Master.
  • Lesson 3: Energetic Make-up/What we work with – 3rd hr Aura: Jing-physical, Qi-energy, Shen-spirit TCM: Channels and Meridians Multiple Chakra Centers.
  • Lesson 4: Principles, Techniques and Uses – 3rd hr 5 Reiki Principles Reiki Techniques 3rd and 4th hr Ways to use Reiki 4th hr What to charge?
  • Lesson 5: The Attunement Process – 5th hr
  • Lesson 6: Hands on Practice – 6th hr
CEU Courses Cost level Location Dates & Times
Reiki Level 1

One Day 6 hrs


$130 Early Bird by midnight on 9/30

Then $150



6 CEU’s Spa NorthWest Studio

November 5th 2017    10 am -4:45 pm

Lunch 1-1:45 pm

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Thai Massage CEU

CEU: Introduction to Thai Massage – 16 CEU’s

These CEU courses will cover Thai massage techniques to use both on the massage table AND on a Thai mat

Intended Benefits

These CEU Courses will enable Students to understand and implement a basic supine, seated, prone and side-lying Thai Massage routine using learned modalities, body mechanics and assessment tools.

Basic Thai Level 1 – Massage Supine:
  • Students will learn Thai Sen lines located on front side body including; feet, legs, stomach, arms, shoulders, neck and face.
  • Students will learn Thai massage modalities and body mechanics working the learned Sen lines of the body in full supine position.
Basic Thai Level 1 – Prone & Seated:
  • Students will learn Thai Sen lines located on back side of body including; feet, legs, hip/gluteal, and back.
  • Students will learn Thai massage modalities and body mechanics working the learned Sen lines of the body in full prone position.

We provide training for CEU courses with either 12 partial credits or a total of 16 CEU credits that are taught in two day intensive sessions (usually Sunday/Monday when many therapists have days off).

About the Instructor

Kathleen GallenKathleen Gallen is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Posture Teacher, Experienced Yoga Teacher and CEU provider for Thai Massage, Self Care and Posture.

Kathleen is the owner operator of Spa NorthWest and  Bradenton. She also has a Bathcelors Degree in Political Science.

The video above shows a demonstration of a quadriceps stretch that is safe for clients and practitioners that gets deep into the psoas muscle, followed by some detailed glute work on the Iliotibial band (IT bands), gluteus maximus/minmus and hips and trochanter.

CEU Courses Cost level Location Dates
Introduction to Thai Massage

(Intensive 2 Day)




16 CEU’s Spa NorthWest Studio TBD
Partial 12 credits available
$250  12 CEU’s  Spa NorthWest Studio  TBD