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Cancer Massage Therapy Treatment

Oncology Massage helps improve quality of life

Cancer Massage or Oncology Massage?

Cancer massage is medically referred to as oncology massage, but many people may use cancer massage when looking for information.  Because cancer massage / oncology massage is a specialized form of massage, a therapist trained and certified in oncology massage can provide an informed touch and an understanding of the relationship between the diagnosis of cancer, its treatment and the recovery process leading to a variety of positive effects from relaxation to pain reduction.  Furthermore, anecdotal evidence suggests that there are many benefits beyond even these that are enjoyed by people at all stages of the cancer journey. Our Specially trained Oncology Therapists will help you on your path to healing.

The Choice Is Yours

  • Take charge of your health!
  • Let us help you on your path to healing with supportive treatment.
  • Helps bring your mind, body & soul into balance.
cancer massage

People fighting cancer will benefit from this specialized oncology massage service in a variety of ways.

Oncology massage:

  • Eases the side effects of chemotherapy
  • Eases the side effects of surgery
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Reduces depression
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Helps to control nausea
  • Aids sleeplessness
  • Decreases swelling

Our Certified Oncology Massage Therapists offer a gentle touch for all stages of cancer. With a highly skilled & dedicated team we strive to serve our community.” Kathleen Gallen, Owner

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