About Spa NorthWest

kathleen Gallen - Gallen Massage

Kathleen doing a backbend (Urdhva Dhanurasana) near Frisco, Colorado 2007

A little about Spa NorthWest:

Spa NorthWest (formerly Gallen Massage and Yoga) was founded in 2006 by owner and operator Kathleen Gallen. Over the years we moved to our existing location and added a yoga studio, and most recently expanded into our new reception and treatment rooms in the adjacent suite, also adding advanced and organic skincare treatments and retail skincare products for young, pigmented and maturing skin types.  With all of these developments we decided a new name would better describe what we do. We came up with Spa NortWest.

Spa ‘NorthWest’ is an upscale boutique spa and yoga studio, is conveniently located in ‘West’ Bradenton on the ‘North’ side of Manatee Avenue between the gulf beaches and downtown Bradenton. We are owned and operated by NorthWest Bradenton local, Kathleen Gallen and her husband Paul Ramshaw, whom Kathleen says she ‘imported’ all the way from London 🙂

Both are accomplished world travelers, and passionate food and outdoor enthusiasts.  Kathleen is a licensed massage therapist, yoga and meditation teacher, as well as a Political Science & Economy B.A. graduate and returned Peace Corps Volunteer. Paul, a composer, musician, educator and artist also has a law degree and a PhD in Political Economy among his many other skills which include cooking world cuisine, furniture making and design.

Together Paul and Kathleen bring a creative approach to their passion for life alongside a caring, talented and committed staff of therapists and teachers. They each strive to serve their community and humanity in as many ways as possible inside and outside the Spa Northwest business.

To learn about our other teachers go to our staff page.